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With the New Donor Welcome email campaign, you can welcome new donors automatically with a series of three emails.

When a Supporter makes their first donation, it's only the beginning of a long-term giving relationship. There are many strategies to welcome supporters, including personal phone calls and mailings, but you'll at least want to thank supporters and make sure they are on-boarded as important members of your organization—that's what Funraise's New Donor Welcome email campaign is for.

Access the New Donor Welcome Email Campaign

1. From the side menu > Click Email Campaigns

2. From the email campaign list > Click New Donor Welcome

From here you can activate or deactivate individual emails in this Campaign. Click the title of the email to access the email editor.

Learn more about editing an individual email.

Who receives these emails? 

A Supporter who makes their first donation can receive this email campaign. This email campaign is a series, which means the donor will receive each email, no matter what actions they take while they are in the campaign.

What emails are sent?

There are three emails that can be configured and sent. You can toggle on all the emails or only the ones you'd like to use. At this time, you can not add additional emails to the campaign or configure the sending delays.

Emails in this campaign are sent

  • Within 1 hour after first donation

  • 7 days after first donation

  • 21 days after first donation

Example Content

The examples below use relevant data merge tags to personalize emails.

Email — Within 1 hour after first donation

Use the first email in this campaign to officially welcome the new donor to your team. Say thank you, and make sure they are following your communication channels.

Hi *|donor:first_name|*,

Thank you for your generous donation. As a donor to *|organization:name|*, you're an important part of the team supporting our mission. We're glad you're here!

If you haven't yet, be sure to follow our work on socials where we post our impact and more ways to get involved.

[ Insert Facebook link ]

[ Insert Instagram link ]

[ Insert Twitter link ]

Email — 7 days after first donation

A week after the first donation, it's a good idea to remind a donor how they can immediately increase their impact—by sharing.

Hi *|donor:first_name|*,

Thank you for being a part of our mission! We can only keep our programs running because of the support from people like you. Thank you.

One of the best ways to continue supporting our work right now is to tell your friends and family why you donated to *|organization:name|* and ask them to donate as well.

Can you email five people now and encourage them to follow your example in supporting *|organization:name|*?

Email — 21 days after first donation

A few weeks after the first donation, it's a good time to share a story of impact.

Hi *|donor:first_name|*,

Your recent donation has enabled *|organization:name|* to continue our important work. Below is a story that shows an example of the impact of your gift. Thank you for making this impact possible!

[ Insert impact story ]

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