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This email flow is sent to a FUNDRAISER with zero donations on their page. The purpose of this flow is to encourage engagement from fundraisers who have created a page but have not yet actually impacted the campaign by collecting a donation.

Up to 6 emails are sent based on the number of days that pass before a fundraiser receives their first donation: 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, and 14 days after page creation.

WHY Use the Non-transacting Emails? 

It's important to activate and encourage fundraisers who have started a page, but not yet received a donation! Sending these fundraisers periodic reminder emails is a great way to encourage action.

There are a few styles you can take with these emails:

  1. Try to make the non-transacting fundraiser laugh! Really, people want to share things that make them laugh and they will be more likely to open your next email!

  2. Try connecting with emotional and personal content. Show the fundraisers the real impact they can have when they collect donations on their page.


WHO receives the email campaign? 

A fundraiser who has zero donations can receive emails in this flow. Once a fundraiser receives a donation, they will no longer receive these emails.

WHAT should be included in these emails?

  • Clear campaign branding elements (color, images, etc).

  • Use merge tags to personalize emails.

  • 📸  Include photos in your emails! (Fun GIFs are excellent for these emails).

  • A button with a link to the fundraisers page! (merge tag)

  • Ask these fundraisers to share and email their pages to family and friends.

  • Make sure fundraisers know the real impact they can have.

📝 Yes, We Have Example Content For You! 


 1 DAY after page creation, zero donations:

Hey *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*!
It looks like you don't have any donations towards your goal yet! No worries : )

The best leaders lead by example. One of the best ways to get start is to BE YOUR FIRST DONOR. Try it! Donate $10 to your page and then share your page in social media post. Ask your friends to follow your lead and help you reach your goal. 

Being your first donor will show your friends how committed you are to reach your *|page:goal_amount|* goal and they'll be too inspired to even think about not donating.

Be your first donor: *|page:url|*


2 DAYS after page creation, zero donations:

Hey there*|page:fundraiser_first_name|*,
Still no donation yet?! That's okay, maybe you are just a late bloomer :) 

Try this: Email five friends or family members. Tell them you have committed to raise *|page:goal_amount|* and you need their help to reach your goal! Be sure to share why this goal is important to you personally. Your friends love you, give them a chance to support your dreams!

Share your page: *|page:url|*


4 DAYS after page creation, zero donations.

Hey *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*!
We wanted to let you know about 2 things! First, you still don't have any donations towards your goal! And second, in the time it took you to reach this email you could have shared your page with your friends and asked them to donate :)

We believe in you!
Share your page: *|page:url|*


7 DAYS after page creation, zero donations:

*|page:fundraiser_first_name|*, fundraising is hard, we know. That's why we are here for you! It's been a week since you created your fundraising page, but you haven't collected any donations. Is there anything we can do to help you reach your  *|page:goal_amount|* goal? Let us know! 

We know we are sending you a few emails, but it's because your commitment to reach your goal is so important to our work. We can only fund our work with the help of dedicated fundraisers like you!

Share your page today: *|page:url|*


10 DAYS after page creation, zero donations.

Hi *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*, do you have 2 minutes to change the world with us today? 

Share your page!!!: *|page:url|* 


14 DAYS after page creation, zero donations:

Hi *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*, ok ok, since it's been a whole two weeks without any donations to your page, we'll assume you are waiting for a special occasion to start collecting donations and we won't send anymore encouragement your way.

We still love you and believe in you! If you need any help with your page or tips to reach your goal, don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

Share your page today: *|page:url|*

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