Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

As soon as you toggle on peer to peer fundraising on a campaign site, you'll have access to strategic email campaigns from your Email Campaigns section. Smart email communication is an essential part of online fundraising! We most definitely and for realzies suggest you customize and use these emails with your peer to peer campaigns.

🎉 Each peer-to-peer campaign site will have its own set of emails. So each peer-to-peer campaign communication strategy can be customized independently.

There are 3 events and 2 flows that you can customize and turn on for each peer to peer campaign site.

EVENTS (single emails)

  1. Fundraiser Sign Up - sent to a new fundraiser.

2. Fundraiser Donation Notification - sent each time a fundraiser receives a new donation.

3. Fundraiser Comment Notification - sent to the supporter when a fundraiser comments on their donation. Good way to get supporter back to the fundraiser's page.

FLOWS (multiple emails)

1. Non-transacting - multiple emails sent to a fundraiser who signs up, but receives no donations over a specified time. Use these to encourage engagement!

2. Fundraiser Goal Progress - multiple emails sent to a fundraiser as they reach benchmarks towards their goal: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. 

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