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2024.6 - June Release Notes
2024.6 - June Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we're sharing a few helpful enhancements that will improve workflows for sending SMS messages, managing automated tasks, and authenticating email sender domains.

New for all organizations

SMS Send limit meter

When sending an SMS message, you can now see the number of sends remaining based on your daily send limit. Need to increase your limit? Contact us to upgrade to a new sending limit.

Update to Tasks page layout

Task Automations now offer an enhanced layout and new functionality. This update allows you to view all tasks in the automation and filter by assignee or status. This new profile layout is being rolled out to other areas of the platform and will improve the consistency of data display and management across the platform.

Send emails from your own domain with in-platform domain DNS authentication

You can now add and verify custom sending domains from within Funraise. Previously, adding a custom sending domain required a support request—now your web manager can configure and verify your sending domains in Funraise.

While configuring a custom email sending domain is not required (yet), it is highly recommended as it will enable you to send emails from your own domain, building brand trust with donors and fundraisers.

All Giving Forms appear in the Giving Form list

Previously, only Giving Forms created in the Giving Form section appeared in the Giving Form list—Campaign Site Giving Forms were not available in this list. Thanks to your feedback, we've decided to make all Giving Forms accessible from the Giving Form section, no matter how the form was created.

Daxko integration

For our YMCA and community organization friends, the Daxko integration is now available! Seamlessly connect Funraise's front-end fundraising tools like donation forms, campaign sites, and recurring giving with Daxko Operations.

Coming soon to beta

Subscription data in Fundraising Intelligence

Recurring subscription data will be added to Fundraising Intelligence. Build custom reports and data dashboards with subscription data, including reporting on changes to subscriptions over time.

Create custom email templates and send emails in bulk to a filtered list of Supporters, Transactions, Fundraisers, or Registrations.

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