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☝️ This integration is managed by Daxko. To request activation or support for this integration please contact Daxko support at

About the integration

Seamlessly integrate with Funraise, an industry leader in nonprofit fundraising, for amplified giving and deeper donor engagement. Elevate fundraising efforts with comprehensive analytics and unlock valuable donor insights, all under one roof.

The initial integration is one way, from Funraise to Daxko Operations, and eliminates the need for manual data entry. On a regular basis, Daxko Operations will consume donations made in Funraise, matching donors to existing members in Daxko Operations or allowing staff to create new membership units if one doesn’t yet exist in Daxko Operations.

This user guide will detail the following topics:

  • Understanding terminology

  • Configuring the integration

  • Linking Campaigns

  • Viewing Donations in Daxko Operations | Online Giving Manager

  • Viewing donation history and pledge information

  • Understanding how revenue recognition and Account Entries work

  • Handling refunded or deleted gifts


Before delving into the setup process, it's helpful to grasp some fundamental terms used within the Funraise and Daxko Operations integration. These terms will help you navigate the integration seamlessly:

  • Transactions: Financial contributions made by supporters through Funraise, mapped to donations or pledges in Daxko Operations.

  • Supporters: This term encompasses members, individuals associated with a unit, or donors who contribute to fundraising efforts.

  • Subscriptions: Similar to pledge schedules or recurring donations in Daxko Operations.

  • Sites: These are websites set up in Funraise that are linked to specific campaigns or initiatives. In the integration, Funraise sites are connected to Daxko Operations campaigns, facilitating seamless donation transfer.

Configuring the Integration

Team Daxko will need to configure your Funraise integration. To do so, we will need an API key from your Funraise account, as well as a start date to begin syncing contributions. Contact to learn about next steps.

Integration in Action

Now that the integration is enabled, let’s look at how to finish this setup by mapping campaigns and managing donations.

Linking Campaigns

In Daxko Operations, under the Manage Campaigns section, map Funraise campaign sites to Daxko Operations campaigns by selecting the “Funraise Integration” button. This can be done by any users with the Manage Campaigns user permission.

Now, ensure donations to Funraise campaign sites are correctly mapped by selecting the corresponding Daxko Operations campaign.

After Funraise campaign sites are linked to Daxko Operations campaigns, users can now turn on the integration toggle. After selecting that toggle, users will see a confirmation modal that includes important information about turning the integration on.

After the integration is turned on, this is what the Manage Funraise Campaigns page will look like:

Now you’ll start to see Funraise contributions flowing into Daxko Operations based on the initial load date configured for your organization.

Integration Note

Contribution data will flow into Daxko Operations every 30 minutes.

Making Donations in Funraise

With the integration activated, Funraise contributions will seamlessly flow into Daxko Operations, appearing in the system's donation records, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

On the right is an example of an online gift made through Funraise.

Next, we’ll follow that gift over into Daxko Operations.

Integration Note

Donors who give through Funraise will receive a donation receipt from Funraise, not Daxko Operations. However, when synced to a member in Daxko Operations, that gift will display in the member’s giving history.

Viewing Donations in Daxko Operations | Online Giving Manager

Navigating to the "Manage Online Donations" section allows users to monitor and review incoming donations from Funraise. Filtering options enable users to isolate Funraise donations, making it easy to track and verify donations. Each donation is mapped to the corresponding campaign, ensuring accurate reporting within Daxko Operations.

From Manage Online Donations, users can check for duplicates. If none are found – like in the example below – users can create a membership unit with the existing information about that donor.

Once that record is created, the Donation History will include the gift from Funraise. Notice that the “Donation Method” is “Funraise”.

The Pledge Information will indicate that the gift came through Funraise. Notice the following actions are disabled for Funraise gifts: Write Off, Make Adjustment, and Make Payment.

Automatic Donor Matches

Daxko Operations will automatically map a Funraise donor (Supporter) to a member/donor in Daxko Operations if the following fields match:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

These automatic matches will not go to the Manage Online Donations page for review but will instead be mapped to the appropriate member.

Below is an example of a gift in Funraise (right) that will automatically match to a member in Daxko Operations (left).

Integration Note

In order to most effectively sync contributions, make sure that donors giving

through Funraise are required to give their first name, last name, email address, and phone number. When those data points match 100%, gifts will map automatically.

Recurring Donations / Subscriptions

In addition to one-time contributions, Funraise supports recurring donations through Subscriptions, allowing supporters to make regular, scheduled payments. Within Daxko Operations, recurring donations from Funraise are recorded and tracked within Donation History. Each recurring donation is associated with a corresponding pledge schedule, detailing the frequency and amount of future payments.

Here's an example of what a recurring donation (subscription) payment schedule looks like. Again, notice that the actions on this page are disabled.

Handling Refunds

In the event of a refund processed in Funraise, the integration ensures that corresponding transactions are accurately reflected in Daxko Operations. Refunded donations are appropriately marked within the system as “Written Off”, maintaining data integrity and financial accuracy.

How Account Entries and Revenue are Handled

Funraise is the source of truth for donations received through Funraise. Daxko Operations will simply reflect those gifts.

From an accounting perspective, Daxko Operations will adjust / write off any donations mapped over from Funraise since the donation payment was made in Funraise, and the revenue recognition and accounting are handled in Funraise. To aid in this reconciliation process, we will automatically set up a default adjustment called “Received from Funraise”.

Feedback + Questions

Please contact if you have any questions about this integration.

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