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Stripe payments and payout reconciliation reports
Stripe payments and payout reconciliation reports
Access and export a Stripe payment or reconciliation report to see all fees assessed with each payment
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This article covers a few reports that are available in Stripe that are helpful for your reconciliation reporting. Stripe reports are helpful for reconciliation because they include the total fees assessed with each payment, including both the platform fee and processing fee. In Stripe, you can also access specific payout reports which include the details of funds deposited to your bank account.

☝️ Funraise does not deposit funds to your bank account

Stripe (or other payment processors) deposit funds to your bank account. This is why you'll need to run a payout reconciliation report from your payment processor. This article describes how to do this in Stripe.

It's good to know that in Funraise, you can always view the platform fee with each transaction, this is the fee Funraise assesses to cover platform costs. The processing fee is charged by your payment processor, for example, Stripe or PayPal. Because Funraise does not always know the final processing fee for payments, you'll need to access a payments report from your payment processor to see the full picture.

Stripe reports

Funraise Payments is backed by Stripe which means you can log into Stripe to view and access transactions with Stripe's excellent payment reporting tools. At Stripe's documentation, you can learn more about accessing and exporting these reports. Below are two types of reports that may be helpful.

A Stripe payments report can display a filtered list of payments. This report can be helpful to see Fee data and Funraise data with each payment.

The Stripe payout reconciliation report helps you match the payouts you receive in your bank account with the batches of payments included in a payout.

Stripe data

There are many fields included in the Stripe payments and payout exports, including metadata fields from Funraise that contain helpful data for a reconciliation report. Below we've detailed some helpful fields available with each payment in Stripe.

Stripe field



Total amount of the payment in the currency it was submitted

Converted Amount

Total amount of the payment when converted to your platform's currency


Total amount of fees assessed with a payment, including both the platform fee and processing fee

form (metadata)

Giving Form name

allocation (metadata)

Allocation name

tags (metadata)

Transaction tags

donor_covered_fees (metadata)

Did the donor cover fees?

donor_covered_fee_eligible (metadata)

Was the donation eligible for Donors Cover Fees?

recurring (metadata)

Is this a recurring donation?

name (metadata)

email (metadata)

phone (metadata)
address (metadata)
city (metadata)
state (metadata)
postal (metadata)
country (metadata)

Supporter details

anonymous (metadata)

Was this donation marked as anonymous?

company_match (metadata)

Did the donor submit a company match with this donation?

source_url (metadata)

The URL where this donation occurred

utm_source (metadata)

utm_medium (metadata)
utm_campaign (metadata)

utm_content (metadata)
utm_term (metadata)

UTM parameters captured with this donation

order_id (metadata)

If this payment included a ticket order, the Ticket Order Id will appear here

soft_credit (metadata)

If this payment included a soft credit, the email address of the soft credited supporter will appear here

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