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2024.1 - January Release Notes
2024.1 - January Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we've rolled out an improvement to your export workflows and highly requested enhancements to the Yearly Donation Summary. We're also announcing some upcoming updates, including changes to email sender address formats in response to new rules from Google and Yahoo inboxes.

Available for all organizations

Export files available in platform

When exporting a .csv file, you'll now be able to download the export file directly from the platform. You can find a list of your recent export files in Settings > Exports. Exported files will continue to be delivered by email as well.

Updates to Yearly Donation Summary

Thanks to feedback from many organizations, we've updated the Yearly Donation Summary with the most common requests:

  1. The summary will now only include donation details from the previous year.

  2. We've added additional text to the summary PDF: No goods or services were received in return for the Tax Deductible Amount of gifts.

Coming soon

Editable social media links

We're including the ability to add custom social media links to Supporter profiles, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter). Please note, these fields will be empty on release and are not linked to legacy social demographic data.

Update to email sender addresses (February 2024)

Funraise is responding to new requirements for email authentication from Google and Yahoo and taking steps to enhance email deliverability by updating how email sender addresses are formatted.

By default, emails sent from Funraise will be sent from noreply+[your-domain] and the reply-to address will be your default organization email address or the From Address that you've selected.

Web admins can obtain and configure SPF and DKIM records from Funraise, enabling your organization to send emails using your own domain address.

Removal of legacy social demographic data

Funraise's legacy social demographic data will be removed from the platform. The legacy social data enrichment tool has been inactive for several years, leaving customers with no data or outdated data in these fields. Based on feedback from many organizations, we're introducing editable social media profile link fields and removing the rest.

Legacy wealth data will not be impacted and will remain in the platform.

Salesforce organizations: Removal of legacy social demographic data

For Salesforce organizations that have synced legacy social data, previously synced social demographic data will not be impacted by this change except for three fields: Facebook URL, LinkedIn URL, and X(Twitter) URL. Because we'll be adding editable social profile link fields to the supporter record, we will use the existing Salesforce mapping for these three fields. Upon release, these three new editable fields will be empty. To avoid empty data overwriting existing data in these three fields, please make sure to configure your conflict resolution for these three fields by February 2nd. We recommend: Only Overwrite Existing Data if Funraise Data is not empty

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