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2023.8 - August Release Notes
2023.8 - August Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we're promoting several highly requested improvements to beta, including dashboard notifications and major enhancements to our QuickBooks integration. We also have an important update about a potential and temporary deactivation of SMS messaging in September due to A2P 10DLC registration delays.

Now in beta

Receive in-platform notifications for important fundraising activity. Each team member will be able to configure the notifications they would like to receive. Events that can create notifications include: new P2P fundraiser, new donation, new donor, new registration order, new inbound SMS, failed recurring donation, failed donation, new task, and task reassignment.

Several large enhancements to our QuickBooks integration:

  • Sync both online and offline transactions

  • Configure default Account, Class, and Product/Service mappings

  • Configure preferred fee reporting: sync amounts with or without fees

  • Sync Funraise Supporters as QuickBooks Customers

Sync additional Funraise transaction data with standard or custom Raiser's Edge fields.


โš ๏ธ Important Announcement

Due to an upstream provider delay in A2P 10DLC registration, SMS messaging may be unavailable for several weeks beginning September 2023.

A2P 10DLC is a mandatory regulation enforced by carriers (like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) that requires organizations sending SMS messages from an application to register and receive approval.

The good news is that Funraise has already begun the process to complete A2P 10DLC registration for your organization and you will not need to take any action in most cases. That bad news is that the approval process has been delayed with upstream providers due to the volume of registrations before the deadline. We expect that the majority of organizations will be compliant within September. As soon as your organization has been registered and approved, you'll be able send send SMS messages again.

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