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2023.4 - April Release Notes
2023.4 - April Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we've fully released a machine learning feature to personalize donation ask amounts. As well, we've promoted a few exciting features including the ability to provide prewritten fundraiser appeal text and the ability to quickly generate compelling fundraiser appeal text with a ChatGPT integration.

Available for all organizations

A personalized approach to increasing donation conversion rates with Machine Learning. This tool will update the ask string on a Giving Form based on signals we know to impact conversion, like time of day, device type, and attributes based on the donor's relationship with your organization.

Campaign Site countdown widget

A live countdown timer can be added to pages on a Campaign Site. The countdown timer displays the time remaining to reach your campaign goal using your campaign end date.

Now in beta

Customize transaction export file names, data columns included, and the order of columns in the export .csv file.

Generate default fundraiser appeal text based on custom prompts and information about your campaign. AppealAI is our first feature that integrates OpenAI and leverages the same Large Language Model that powers ChatGPT.

Default fundraiser appeal text

Empower peer-to-peer fundraisers with prewritten default appeal text. Providing default text will speed up the fundraising page creation experience and provide fundraisers with the best language to share about your organization and campaign.

Coming soon to beta

Fundraising registration

A seamless signup process for event registrations with fundraising pages. Require fundraisers to register for an event before creating a fundraising page and access new reporting capabilities to report on registrations with connected supporters, pages, and custom questions.

Live Giving Form preview

View a live preview of your Giving Form in the form editor. See how your design and configuration impact the donation experience.

Batch resyncs for Salesforce

Find Funraise records that have failed to sync with Salesforce and bulk resync.

Manage multiple accounts under one umbrella (or multiple umbrellas πŸ˜‰). Manage assets and activity across accounts and analyze combined data or drill down into account-specific data.

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