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2022.8 - August Release Notes
2022.8 - August Release Notes

New features and product updates

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There's a lot of good news in Funraise's August product release notesā€”our product and engineering teams are on a roll! Updates this month are well-timed as they'll save your team time and increase donation revenue during this end-of-year giving season.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback at Funraise's Product Roadmap; several updates this month represent some of the most requested improvements.

New this month

Create & Edit fundraiser pages in platform

Promoted to beta this month, this enhancement enables you to create individual or team fundraiser pages and edit the details of any existing peer-to-peer pages from the backend of the platform. At this time, beta participants can edit page details, but team membership is not yet editable in the platform. Stay tuned. šŸ˜‰

QR Codes for Sites and Forms

Promoted to beta this month, QR Codes can now be generated for Campaign Sites. We didn't think we'd be here either, but QR Codes have become integrated into our daily livesā€”for good reasonā€”because they have introduced more efficient brand experiences.

Send the payment method update email manually

Released to all organizations, the subscription payment method update email can now be sent to a Supporter at any time with a new action menu on the Subscription profile. This email enables supporters to update their payment method for a recurring subscription.

Improved mobile donation experience for placed forms

Released to all organizations. When a Giving Form is embedded as a placed form (an open form placed into your page layout), we'll update the placed form to a launch button when the page is viewed from mobile devices. A popup donation form provides the best donor experience on a mobile device and this update will automatically provide the donor with the best donation experience based on their device.

More data added to Fundraising Intelligence

Released to all organizations with access to Fundraising Intelligence. In our effort to provide the most powerful fundraising reporting tool, we've added a significant amount of new data fields to Fundraising Intelligence. Here's what's new:

Fundraiser Cube

  • Team Owner Name

  • Team Owner Email

  • Team Owner Phone

Transactions Cube

  • Import External Id

  • Soft Credit Supporter Id

  • Soft Credit Supporter First Name

  • Soft Credit Supporter Last Name

  • Soft Credit Supporter Institution Name

  • Soft Credit Supporter Email

  • Card Type

  • Operations Tip Amount

Answers Cubeā€”Registrations

  • Guest Of Id

  • Guest Of First Name

  • Guest Of Last Name

  • Guest Of Full Name

  • Registrant Phone

  • Registrant Email

  • Supporter Id

  • Registrant First Name

  • Registrant Last Name

  • Registrant Full Name

  • Attended

  • Address

  • City

  • State/Province

  • Postal Code

  • Country


Reminderā€”Sunset of PayPal Here card reader

For organizations using Funraise's app to collect in-person payments, we'll be ending support for the PayPal Here card reader on September 30, 2022, in favor of Stripe's M2 card reader. Learn more about purchasing and connecting a Stripe card reader.

Reminderā€”Apple Pay and recurring payments

Due to credit card network (e.g. VISA/MasterCard) changes that were contributing to an increase in failed payments for recurring Apple Pay payments, we've turned off the ability for donors to create new recurring donations with Apple Pay. Existing recurring donations using Apple Pay have not been changed. Our team is monitoring this change with the hopes of soon reactivating recurring functionality for Apple Pay.

Coming soon

See what we're working on and add your feedback to our Product Roadmap.

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