Funraise provides several helpful options for your donors to update their payment methods for recurring subscriptions through a secure payment updater form. This feature can significantly reduce recurring revenue churn.

This article covers the Payment Method Updater Email, but it's good to know that your donors can also edit their subscription details, including payment methods, anytime using Funraise's Giving portal app.

How it works

The payment method updater email can be sent to your donors through several different methods, these options are described in detail below:

  1. Automatically - When a recurring payment fails

  2. Automatically - Before a payment method expires

  3. Manually - Anytime

When a donor successfully updates their payment method through the payment method updater page, a few details of their subscription will be updated:

  • When the donor updates their payment method after their most recent recurring payment has failed, the failed payment will attempt to process again. Only one failed payment will be recharged, even if there are multiple failed payments on the subscription.

  • The subscription's next recurrence date will be updated to the day of the month that the payment was updated.

When the payment method updater email is sent to a donor, it looks like this:

The button in this email will link the donor to a secure page below where they can update their payment method:

A few things to note about this email:

  • The email uses the Universal Email Template, which means you can add your logo to the email. You can edit your Universal Email Template from Settings.

  • The email and secure page can not be configured.

  • The link in the email can expire. The valid timeframe for the payment method updater link is based on the subscription frequency. Weekly = 7 days, Monthly = 30 days, Quarterly = 90 days, Yearly = 90 days.

How to send the payment method updater email

There are several ways the payment method updater email can be sent to your donors.

Automatically - When a recurring payment fails

When a recurring transaction fails, the payment method updater email is sent automatically to the donor. This is an automatic feature and does not need to be configured.

Automatically - Before a recurring payment method expires

You can add a link to the payment method updater page in the Expiring Recurring email campaign with a specific merge tag: *|subscription:update_payment_url|*. This will enable donors with a card expiring soon to update their payment method before they miss a donation. This method requires that you've activated and configured the Expiring Recurring email campaign.

Manually - Anytime

You can send the payment method updater email to a recurring donor at any time from the subscription section.

1. From Subscriptions > find the appropriate Subscription

2. Click the actions menu (3 dots) > Select Send Update Payment Email

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