When a recurring transaction fails, an automated email is sent to the donor with a link where they can update their payment method. When a donor updates their payment method, their failed donation will attempt to process again that same day.

The subscription's next recurrence date will also be updated to this day of the month. Only one failed payment will be recharged, even if there are multiple failed payments on the subscription.

The email template email looks like this:

The link in this email will take the donor to the page below where they can update their payment method:

A few things to note about this email:

  • The email uses the Universal Email Template, which means you can add your logo the email. You can edit your Universal Email Template from Settings.

  • Because this is a Funraise system email, you can not edit the content.

  • The link in the email can expire. The valid timeframe for the payment method updater link is based on the subscription frequency. Weekly = 7 days, Monthly = 30 days, Quarterly = 90 days, Yearly = 90 days.

  • The email can not be resent manually. Although, the email is sent each time a recurring transaction fails. So, this means that you could change the subscription's next recurrence date to today, which would cause the Transaction to run, and if the Transaction failed the email would be resent.

Payment Updater page url merge tag

You can add a link to the payment method updater page in the Expiring Recurring email campaign with a specific merge tag: *|subscription:update_payment_url|*. This will enable donors with a card expiring soon to update their payment method before they miss a donation.

A link to the payment method updater page can not be shared directly.

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