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Giving portal mobile app

An easy-to-use donor portal available as a mobile app

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Giving by Funraise is a mobile app that enables your donors to view and manage their donations and fundraising pages. The app is available for download in the United States and Canada. Funraise's donor portal is only available as a mobile app currently, stay tuned for our web version.

Download the Giving by Funraise App

To encourage your donors to use the app, you might include these links in the footer of your donation receipt emails. For example,

To manage your donations, download and sign in to our giving portal app!

Key features of the Giving portal app

Creating an Account

Donors can create an account using the same email they use to make donations. After verifying their email address, they will be able to access donations and information attached to their email address.

View and manage Donations

Donors can access a list of their historic donations. Any donation made on Funraise with their email addresses will appear in the portal.

Resend Donation Receipts

Donors can quickly resend a donation receipt email for any donation.

Yearly Donation Summary PDF

Donors can send themselves a donation summary email that includes a PDF document with itemized donations from the previous year. This enables your donors to access all the information they need for tax season.

Recurring Subscription Management

Donors can manage their recurring subscription details including amount, frequency, and payment method. Donors can also cancel or create new subscriptions in the app.

View & Manage Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages

Individual peer-to-peer fundraisers can view and manage their fundraising pages in the app. This lets users quickly check in on their progress and easily share their fundraising pages through a text message or other app.

Multiple Organizations

If a donor donates to multiple organizations using Funraise, they can access donations to multiple organizations in the app. Donation data is separated by the organization—a donor will first select an organization from a list on the app homescreen before viewing their donation history for a specific organization.

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