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Funraise Support

Learn more about accessing Funraise's award winning support team

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Funraise's award-winning Support and Success teams provide your organization with answers, solutions, and strategies. While all organizations have access to Funraise Support, a dedicated Success Manager is a premium add-on.

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Funraise Support

Funraise Support is available to all organizations, although the services provided are based on your organization's plan. We usually respond to new requests within 24 hours (M-F). While our team monitors systems around the clock, our support team does not respond to requests during the weekend.


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Technical support

Service Desk

While many questions can be answered through chat, Funraise's Service Desk enables you to open new support tickets, monitor progress, and communicate with our team about open requests. Emailing also creates a new ticket at Funraise's Service Desk.

☝️ To view your requests at Funraise's Service Desk, you'll first need to create an account. A Funraise Service Desk account is not the same as your Funraise platform account — you'll need to create a separate Service Desk account. Please create your Service Desk account with the same email address you use with your Funraise platform account so we can verify your identity.

Dedicated Success Managers

Some plans include access to a Dedicated Success Manager — a direct line to a Funraise expert. Funraise's success team was created to empower your organization with a Funraise expert who understands your organization's mission and fundraising strategies.

Your Dedicated Success Manager is available for proactive, strategic questions and more hands-on discussions with your team about how to best use Funraise. It's important to note that your Success Manager does not provide technical support, but can be a trusty guide to the best steps to take with any request.

You'll be able to communicate directly with your Success Manager through email, phone, or video calls.

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