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Learn the basics of Funraise's Site editor

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

In this article, we'll cover the critical elements of Funraise's Site editor. Once you've created a Site, you'll land on the Site editor where you can add content and configure your brand settings.

Site Editor Toolbar

At the top of the Site editor is the toolbar. From here you can navigate through pages on your Site and configure the Site's global settings.

Page selector

Use the page selector to navigate to various pages of your Site while in the editor. From here you can also create a new custom page.

Site Control Icons

Theme Settings

Click the theme icon to open your Site's theme settings. Here you can configure fonts and colors that apply to your entire Site.

Giving Form

Click the Giving Form icon to edit the settings for your Site's Giving Form.

Site Settings

Click the Settings icon to edit your Site's settings. Here you can enable Peer-to-Peer fundraising or access your Header Code Injection.

Preview Site

Click the Launch icon to open your live Site.

Save & Publish

After making changes to your Site's content, click Save to save changes in the editor. When changes are saved, click Publish to publish your changes to your live public Site.

Page Sections

Learn more about adding and editing Page Sections

Add Page Sections

Site pages contain Sections. Hovering over a section will reveal a "+" button β€” click this button to add a new Section. You'll be able to select from a library of prebuilt Sections.

Section Settings

Most Sections enable you can configure the Section width, height, grid settings, and Section background properties.

Section Blocks

Sections can contain Blocks, for example, a Text Block or an Image Block. You can click into a Block to edit the content and display settings.

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