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Create a Campaign Site

How to create a new Campaign Site

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

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Create a new Campaign Site

1. From the Side Navigation, click Sites > click New Campaign Site

2. Enter your Site settings > click Create

After creating a Site, you will land on the Campaign Site editor where you can further configure your Site settings and design.

Site Settings when creating a new Site:

Campaign Name

This is the public name for your Site.

Campaign Goal

Your campaign goal can be shown in the homepage progress bar.

Campaign End Date

Campaign end date is useful for your tracking records and this date is passed to the Facebook Fundraiser integration - which means a Facebook Fundraiser will be ended on the campaign end date.

Campaign Site URL

You can configure the first part of your Campaign Site URL. A recognizable and short URL can go a long way to create trust with donors.

For example

⚠️Your Site URL can not be edited once it has been created.

Campaign Site

You can copy an existing Site by selecting a Site here.

Advanced Settings

When activated, Peer-to-Peer features will be activated on your Site and supporters will be able to create personal fundraising pages on your Site. When Peer-to-Peer is enabled, you can also enable team fundraising.

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