This article describes the steps your fundraisers will take to sync a Facebook Fundraiser with their Funraise P2P page. Your organization must have the Facebook Fundraiser Integration added to your plan to utilize this feature. To add this feature to your plan, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How sync a Funraise P2P page with a Facebook Fundraiser

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There are two ways a fundraiser can connect to Facebook: During signup or from their settings after signup.

Connect Synced Facebook Fundraiser during signup
When creating a new fundraising page on your campaign site, fundraisers can click a button to create a synced Facebook Fundraiser. This Facebook activation dialogue box is the final step in the page creation process.

After clicking to create a Facebook Fundraiser, a popup window will appear requiring the fundraiser to authenticate the connection with their facebook profile.

Configure Facebook Fundraiser sync from settings
After signing up, a fundraiser can manage their Facebook Fundraiser sync from their personal settings page. A fundraiser can either connect or disconnect the Facebook Fundraiser sync from settings, shown below.

A Funraise P2P Fundraiser Page can only be connected to one Facebook Fundraiser at a time.

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