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Site Page Sections, Grids, and Blocks

Add or Edit Sections for a Campaign Site

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

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Site pages are built with Sections. Sections enable you to create completely custom page layouts for your fundraising Sites. This article covers the basics of adding and editing page Sections.

Funraise's Site editor is intuitive enough that you likely do not need this documentation, but there are a few tips in this article that may help improve your creative workflows.

Add a Page Section

Hover over an existing Section > Click + Button

This button opens a library of prebuilt Sections. Select a Section that has the content elements you'd like to start with. You'll be able to further edit the content and Section settings after adding the Section.

Sections enable you to quickly add content to your pages:

  • Text

  • Buttons

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Donation Feeds

  • Progress Bars

  • Custom HTML

☝️ Note: Currently, page sections cannot be reordered

Edit a Section's Properties

Each Section has its own properties. These settings have a huge impact on the design and visual impact of your Site, get comfortable with these settings.

Section Properties


  • Section Width (Small, Medium, Large, Custom)

  • Section Height (Small, Medium, Large, Custom)

  • Grid Properties (Columns, Items, Spacing)

  • Grid Alignment (Top, Center, Bottom)


  • None - If none is selected, the theme color will be used.

  • Image

  • Video - A Section background video requires a direct media link. This means you'll need to host the video externally and provide a link to the media.

  • Media alignment


Edit Section Blocks & Grids

Sections contain Blocks for content like text, images, or video. The Blocks available in a Section are based on the prebuilt Section you started with. Some Sections enable you to edit the Grid Properties of the Section.

When editing Grid Properties, you can configure the number of columns and the number of items (Blocks) in the Section.

You can edit the contents of a Block as well as its properties.

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