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Connect a custom domain to your Campaign Site

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Connect your Funraise Campaign Site with a custom domain.

☝️ Each custom domain will incur a service fee of $150

Good to know

  • Custom domains come with SSL security

  • Connecting a custom domain can take up to a week to process

  • The setup steps must be completed for each campaign site you'd like to apply a custom domain

Domain format

You can connect your Campaign Site to a root domain or a subdomain. You can not connect your Campaign Site to a page on a domain. For example:

Some DNS providers may allow you to provide a CNAME record for the zone apex, which would enable you to use a custom root domain, but this is not common.

Connect a custom domain to a Site

  1. Obtain a custom domain. If you don't yet have a custom domain, you can purchase one with GoDaddy, Bluehost, Squarespace, etc.

  2. Submit a request through Funraise's service desk portal.

  3. We will provide you with the CNAME mapping for the domains. You'll need to add the CNAME records to your hosting provider.

  4. After your custom domain is connected by our technical team, you'll enter your custom domain in your Campaign Site Settings - this tells the Site to reference your custom domain. This field can be accessed in your Site Settings > Advanced

Installing the CNAME records

Funraise provides fully qualified DNS records in notation that is explicit across the widest range of DNS providers.

This notation typically follows this convention:








What this notation implies is that Funraise will need the domains on the left to point to the domains on the right. How you configure that in your particular DNS provider is specific to that DNS provider. In some cases that means you might not be putting the exact values in the DNS management console. It does come down to one of two things however and almost always it involves the HOST value. You will either put:

A) The entire provided value in the host field

B) Everything except for the root domain e.g. everything except in this case. So _aec4048f-2905-4a95-bdef-056a834eec1d.www., and www. respectively.

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