Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

You can connect a custom domain with your Funraise Campaign Site.

Good to know

  • Custom domains come with SSL security

  • Adding a custom domain may incur a fee, based on your plan

  • Connecting a custom domain can take up to a week to process

Connect a custom domain to a Site

  1. Create a Funraise Site

  2. Obtain a custom domain. If you don't yet have a custom domain, you can purchase one with GoDaddy, Bluehost, Squarespace, etc.

  3. Once you have your Funraise Site created and have a custom domain purchased, submit a request through Funraise's service desk portal.

  4. We will provide you with the CNAME mapping for the domains. You'll need to add the CNAME records to your hosting provider.

  5. After your custom domain is connected by our technical team, you'll enter your custom domain in your Campaign Site Settings - this tells the Site to reference your custom domain. This field can be accessed in your Site Settings > Advanced

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