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How to activate and manage the facebook integration. Sync donations from Facebook and Instagram

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This integration may not be included in every Funraise plan.

This article covers the Funraise Facebook integration. If you do not see all the options described below in your account, please contact your Success Manager to activate all features for this integration.

The Facebook Integration also connects your Instagram donations!

Connect Facebook

In Facebook / Instagram

To use the Facebook integration, you must have a verified Facebook page that can accept donations and your organization must be registered in the United States or Canada.

In Funraise

Activate and configure the Facebook integration from Settings.

  1. Click your profile icon (top right) > click Settings

  2. Click Integrations

  3. Click Facebook

  4. Click Continue with Facebook
    This step must be completed by an admin of your Facebook page because it requires the admin to login and provide permissions.

Once connected, there are two options to sync donations. You can choose one or both of these methods:

  • Facebook Fundraisers

  • Facebook Transactions

Facebook Fundraisers

With Facebook Fundraisers activated your peer-to-peer fundraisers can create a synced Facebook fundraiser page from their Funraise fundraising page.

Donations to either the Facebook fundraiser or the Funraise fundraising page will appear on both pages and the fundraiser's goal progress will also be synced.


  • If your Campaign Site has a custom domain, you must contact your technical engineer through the Funraise Service Desk to enable fundraiser syncing from your custom domain.

  • In order to activate the Facebook Fundraisers sync, your organization's Facebook page must be set up for fundraisers. You'll know if you're set up for fundraisers if the “Fundraisers” tab is visible on your organization page. Being able to accept donations alone is not sufficient to activate the Facebook Fundraiser sync.

Fundraiser Support

For your fundraisers, connecting a synced Facebook fundraiser is seamless during the sign up flow, but you can share these instructions on how to connect a facebook fundraiser.

If your fundraisers experience any issues creating a synced fundraiser page, it's possibly due to their Facebook permission settings. Learn more about troubleshooting a Facebook fundraiser sync.

Facebook Transactions

With Facebook Transactions toggled on, any donation on Facebook or Instagram benefiting your organization will appear in Funraise. Donations through the following methods will sync with Funraise:

  • Facebook Fundraiser

  • Facebook Page Donate Button

  • Facebook Post Donate Button

  • Instagram Profile Donate Button

  • Instagram Story Donate Sticker

  • Instagram Live Donation Button

Transactions synced through this integration will have following Transaction details:

  • External Id Source = Facebook

  • Payment Type = External Capture

  • Url: The url of the page where the Transaction occurred

Sync timeframes

Facebook & Instagram transaction and donor data can take 72 hours to appear in Funraise. In many cases, a Transaction from a synced Facebook Fundraiser can appear relatively quickly, but it can take 72 hours for donor information to be synced with that Transaction.

Transactions are initially synced to Funraise without donor contact information. A Transaction from Facebook without donor information will display Facebook Donor as the Supporter name.

Limited Donor Info

When Facebook donor contact data is synced, Facebook donor contact data is limited based on the donor's privacy preferences. You can generally expect to receive a Facebook donor's name but not their email or phone.

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