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2020.6 - June Release Notes
2020.6 - June Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month's release brings mega enhancements to the Giving Form, including the option to embed the Giving Form V2 directly into your webpage. We've also enhanced the Giving Form with many more on-page configurations, enabling developers to build exceptional donor experiences.

What's new

Giving Form V2 - Placed embed option

Giving Form V2 can now be placed open on your website. Learn more about accessing the new embed code or dig in with developer docs. Check out a few examples of placed form layouts.

Giving Form V2 - More on-page configurations

Pre-fill or default values on your Giving Form with HTML button attributes or edits to the Form Configuration Code or even URL parameters.

New on-page configurations:

  • Allocation

  • Amount

  • Ask string

  • Frequency

  • Payment method

  • Tickets selected

  • Transaction tags

Default email marketing opt-in

You can now default the email marketing opt-in checkbox to true on Giving Form V2 and the Fundraiser signup form.

Default Operations Tip

You can now default Operations Tip to true on Giving Form V2.

Date answer types

You can now collect date answers types to your custom questions.

Salesforce Improvements

We've added a few more fields that can be mapped to the Opportunity in Salesforce. New fields include:

  • Company Match (true/false)

  • Company Name

  • Employee Email

  • Payment Method Expiration Date

  • Payment Method Type

  • Payment Method Last Four

  • Donation Comment

Gateway currency routing

Gateway Currency Routing is an advanced feature that may only apply to some international organizations. For organizations that have requirements to deposit donations to specific bank accounts based on the location of the donation, this tool is for you. Learn more about gateway currency routing.

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