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2020.5 - May Release Notes
2020.5 - May Release Notes

New features and product updates

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Some good news to celebrate! This month's release is noteworthy for the marketing and exec teams trying to make sense of online traffic and the real ROI on social ad spends - you can now track UTMs with Transactions! More on this and other updates below.

What's New

UTM Tracking

You can now track UTM values with Transactions. This will be your marketing team's new favorite feature.

Open Text Answers

You can now enable open text answers with Custom Questions. With a new multi-line response field, your supporters can provide unique and detailed answers to your questions. This was a highly requested improvement, so we’re happy to see it released!

Mobile App Updates

You can now view limited Supporter and Transaction profiles in the Funraise App.

Tip: Use the app to stay updated on important donations. You can receive push notifications for important donations with automated tasks. For example, want to get a notification for every donation over $500? You can do that! Just create a task automation in platform and get new task notification through the app.

Campaign Site Editor Layout Improvements

We’ve made a few helpful improvements to the Campaign Site Editor top menu bar. This change provides a larger view of your site for editing and lays the groundwork for future enhancements coming to the Campaign Site Editor.

Billing Settings

Billing configurations have been removed from Settings. We’ve adjusted a few processes to better serve all organizations. This means you will no longer be able to access or configure your billing settings from the platform - but no worries, just reach out to for any billing requests. Learn more about billing support.

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