Contact billing support

Please send billing requests and questions to

Common requests

If you have a common request, as listed below, please include it in your subject line - this helps our team follow up as quickly as possible.

  • Request for invoice(s) for mm/dd/yyyy - mm/dd/yyyy 
  • Request for itemized fee statement for mm/dd/yyyy - mm/dd/yyyy 
  • Update payment method
  • Update/add invoice recipient

How Funraise billing works

Receiving paid invoice emails

A paid invoice will be emailed to your billing contact(s) after each payment. To update your organization's billing contact, please email

Annual subscription fee

Your subscription fee is based on the products in your particular plan. The subscription fee is due 30 days from your billing start date. ACH payment method is required for payments over $5,000. The frequency of your subscription fee payments depend on your plan and may be annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Variable fees

Variable fees include the platform transaction fee and wealth screening fee. Variable fees are charged monthly with your payment method on file.

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