This payment gateway may not be included in every Funraise plan. is a payment gateway traditionally used for credit cards, but you can enable eCheck recurring donations, which is excellent because eCheck recurring donations do not expire like credit cards!


1. Create your account with or login.

2. Access "Payment Forms," then "Form Fields". Uncheck all boxes in the "Required" column.

3. Click "Account" in the main toolbar and then "Settings" on the left side menu. 

4. Click "API Login ID and Transaction Key" in the Security Settings section.

In Funraise...

5. From the Profile Icon, navigate to "Settings" and click on the Gateways page.

6. Click on the "New Gateway" button, select "Authorize_net" from the list of options. 

  • Paste your API Login ID 

  • Paste your Transaction Key

  • Click "Save"

Nice work! You should see Authorize_net active on your Gateways page!

IMPORTANT: The order of your gateways has an effect on how donations will be processed. Learn more about how to order your gateways here.

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