You can insert data about a specific fundraiser, supporter, or transaction into Funraise emails by using these merge tags. 

👆 Merge data is context specific. This means certain merge tags are only designed to work in certain contexts. For example, "page" merge tags will only work in emails sent based on fundraising activity.

📌 To test your merge tags, send a test preview email to yourself. Merge data in a test email will use a default supporter with example data.


Date Merge Tags 

Can be used in ALL email and SMS contexts.

  • *|fr:day|*  - current day of the month, for example: "21"
  • *|fr:month|*   - current month of the year, for example: "3"
  • *|fr:year|*  - current year, for example: "2017"
  • *|fr:last_year|*  - last year, for example:  "2016"


Organization Merge Tags 

Can be used in ALL email and SMS contexts.

  • *|organization:name|*  - your organization name, for example: "Red Cross"
  • *|organization:address|*   - your organization address.
  • *|organization:tax_id|*  - your Tax ID: "123-456789"
  • *|organization:website_url|*  - your organization website:  ""


Fundraiser Page Merge Tags 

Can ONLY be used in emails TO FUNDRAISERS based on their page activity.

Fundraiser Info

  • *|page:fundraiser_first_name|*  - fundraiser name: "Freddie"
  • *|page:fundraiser_last_name|*   - fundraiser last name: "Fritz"
  • *|page:fundraiser_name|*  - fundraiser full name:  "Freddie Fritz"
  • *|page:fundraiser_institution_name|*  - fundraiser's team name: "Freddie's Fanatics"
  • *|page:fundraiser_email|*  - fundraiser email address: ""
  • *|page:appeal|*   - fundraiser appeal text: "Example appeal text from page"
  • *|page:fundraiser_profile_image|*  - URL of fundraiser profile image.

Fundraiser Progress

  • *|page:goal_amount|*  - fundraiser's goal: "$100.00"
  • *|page:goal_raised|*  - fundraiser's amount raised: "$50.00"
  • *|page:goal_progress|*  - percentage of goal progress: "25"
  • *|page:goal_donor_count|*  - number of donors to page: "4"
  • *|page:goal_donation_count|*  - number of donations to page: "5"

Fundraiser & Campaign URLs

  • *|page:url|*  - fundraisers page URL. Use this to send fundraisers to their page!
  • *|page:url_settings|*  - fundraiser settings page URL.
  • *|page:url_campaign|*   - campaign homepage URL.
  • *|page:url_fundraisers|*  - URL of all fundraisers wall.
  • *|page:url_teams|*  - URL of all teams wall.


Transaction Merge Tags

Can ONLY be used in emails that are FIRED BY TRANSACTION ACTIVITY. These tags can be used in emails to supporters and to fundraisers in response to transaction activity on their page.

  • *|donation:amount|* - amount of the donation that fired the email: "$75.00"
  • *|donation:donor_name_or_anonymous|* - donor name or anonymous: "Debbie Donor"
  • *|donation:comment|* - text of comment from donor.
  • *|donation:id|* - numeric unique identifier: "12345"
  • *|donation:name|* - sequential donation number
  • *|donation:form_name|* - the giving form associated with the transaction.
  • *|donation:allocation_name|* - allocation associated with the transaction.


Supporter Merge Tags

Can ONLY be used in emails or SMS messages to a supporter.

  • *|donor:first_name|* -  donor's first name: "Mark"
  • *|donor:last_name|* - donor's last name: "Twain"
  • *|donor:name|* - IF the donor is an individual, their first and last name will show: "Mark Twain". IF the donor is any institution category other than individual, the institution name will show: "Twain Enterprises".
  • *|donor:email|* - donor's email: ""
  • *|donor:address|* - donor's primary street address: "123 Mango Street"
  • *|donor:city|* - donor's primary city: "Los Angeles"
  • *|donor:state|* - donor's primary state: "California"
  • *|donor:postal_code|* - donor's primary postal code: "90210"
  • *|donor:country|* - donor's primary country: "United States"
  • *|donor:institution_name|* - institution name: "First Methodist Church"
  • *|donor:last_donation_amount|* - amount of donor's last donation: "$45.00"
  • *|donor:total_donation_amount|* - total historic donation amount: "$500.00"
  • *|donor:last_year_donation_total|* - total donation amount last year: "$250.00"
  • *|donor:last_year_donations|* - html table of the donor's donations last year.

The *|comment:text|* merge tag below can ONLY be used in the "Fundraiser Comment Notification Email".

  • *|comment:text|* - text of comment from fundraiser.


Subscription Merge Tags

Can ONLY be used in the "Expiring Recurring Donor" email campaign.

  • *|subscription:update_payment_url|* -  secure link to payment updater
  • *|subscription:amount|* - displays the recurring donation amount associated with the expiring payment method


Pro-Tip: You can also use a merge tags in a subject line or button link! 

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