Filter Fundraiser Pages

Filter peer-to-peer fundraising pages and create saved lists

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

After creating a Campaign Site, you can view, filter, export, and save list of pages - across all sites. The Pages section shows any page with a goal, which includes: homepage, team page, and individual fundraiser page.

Filter pages

1. In the Sidebar menu, click Sites > Pages

2. Click Add Filter > select and configure filter(s) > click Apply

Fundraiser Page Filters:

  • Aggregate Amount Raised

  • Aggregate Donation Count

  • Campaign Name

  • Campaign Site

  • Campaign Site End Date

  • Create Date

  • Direct Amount Raised

  • Direct Donation Count

  • Direct Donor Count

  • First Donation Date

  • Fundraise Email

  • Fundraiser Name

  • Goal

  • Last Donation Date

  • Last Fundraiser Login Date

  • Page Name

  • Progress to Goal (%)

  • Status

  • Title

  • Transacting Status

  • Type

  • URL

Direct includes the donations created directly on that page.

Aggregate includes donations created on the page and all rollup donations. For example, the Aggregate donations to a homepage include all the Direct donations created through the homepage as well as any individual and team pages.

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