To create a New Campaign Site:

1. Navigate to the Campaign Site section, and click the "New Campaign Site" button.

2. This will open up the New Campaign Site Settings.

3. Enter your site settings and click “Save”.

Campaign Site Settings & URL

Although Funraise makes it easy to create a new site, you are still in the realm of website creation and that requires a bit of patience while the Internet fairies get to work. Once you save your new site, it may take 15-30 minutes for this site to appear live.

No worries, as soon as you click to save, you will be taken to the campaign site editor and can begin customizing your site immediately.


Pro Tips: 

1. Campaign Name: The name of your site will auto-populate your site URL field. Your site name can be edited any time. Your Campaign Site name will also be the name of the Giving Form that is automatically created with each Campaign Site.

We suggest keeping the name short. A recognizable URL can go a long way to create trust with donors. (We’ve got you covered with SSL security already!)

2. Campaign Goal: Your campaign goal can be surfaced on your campaign site and the donations on this page will count towards this goal.

3. Campaign End Date:
Currently, the “Campaign End Date” selection is just for your records. In the future, we will add features to communicate the time left on a campaign. If you want us to start building that sooner, let us by rating and commenting on this article ;)

4. Campaign Site URL: Your URL is auto-populated with your “Campaign name” settings, but it can be edited independently. Your URL can not be edited once it has been saved. The red X indicates a invalid URL. Spaces and many symbols are not valid. A green checkmark means you’re good to go!

5. Advanced: Custom Domain: Custom domains are an advanced feature that requires several additional steps. Please contact your Customer Success Manager learn more. In most cases, you will want to leave this field blank.

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