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2024.3 - March Release Notes
2024.3 - March Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, along with several time-saving enhancements, we've launched a new overview dashboard that enables your team to see your fundraising performance at a glance, including critical donor retention data.

Next up, Funraise Auctions is just around the corner—we're building the closed beta participant list for Auctions, so if you've been looking forward to running auctions with Funraise, now is the time to reach out to have Auctions added to your plan.

Available for all organizations

Fundraising performance dashboard

A new data dashboard has been added to provide an overview of your fundraising activity and donor retention performance. We'll soon be adding more dashboards into other areas of the platform to surface relevant insights from your fundraising data. If you have feedback or specific data visualizations that would benefit your team, let us know!

Supporter social media links

You can now add social media links to a supporter's profile to record Facebook, LinkedIn, or X (Twitter) links. Recording a supporter's social media links makes it easier for your team members to keep up with donors.

Bulk delete transactions

Deletable transactions (imported, offline, or failed transactions) can now be deleted in bulk with our data import tool.

Improved recurring subscription failed/cancel status

We've improved the clarity of recurring subscription statuses. When a recurring subscription fails 4 consecutive times, the recurring subscription will no longer charge and the status will now show Failed. When a recurring subscription is canceled manually by a member of your team or by the donor, the subscription status will show Cancelled.

Coming soon to beta

Run fundraising auctions with Funraise! You'll be able to manage auction items, collect payment methods, take bids, and charge winning bids. Auctions will be released in closed beta and may not be included in all plans.

Auctions will be released into closed beta very soon for organizations that have Auctions included in their plans. If you would like to add Auctions to your plan, please contact your success manager or email

Enhanced donor search

We're improving the supporter search bar with performance enhancements, smarter search term weighting, and the ability to search with more data, including preferred name.

Subscription data in Fundraising Intelligence

Recurring subscription data will be added to Fundraising Intelligence, enabling you to build custom reports and data dashboards with subscription data, including reporting on changes to subscriptions over time.

Create custom email templates and send emails in bulk to a filtered list of Supporters, Transactions, Fundraisers, or Registrations.

Improved Apple Pay verification process

Apple Pay verification requirements have made enabling Apple Pay on various websites a bit clunky. We'll be improving the Apple Pay verification process so that it's easier to have Apple Pay activated for Campaign Sites and to submit new domains in platform.

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