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2024.2- February Release Notes
2024.2- February Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we're promoting a few enhancements from beta and previewing some upcoming beta releases. Stay tuned for the beta launch of Auctions—we're getting quite close to releasing Auctions beta and will be beginning onboarding organizations to this beta group soon!

Available for all organizations

This feature has been promoted from beta and is available for all organizations. Receive in-platform notifications for important fundraising activity. Each team member will be able to configure the notifications they'd like to receive. Events that can create notifications include: new P2P fundraiser, new donation, new donor, new registration order, new inbound SMS, failed recurring donation, failed donation, new task, and task reassignment.

This feature has been promoted from beta but is not included in all plans. Manage multiple accounts under one umbrella (or multiple umbrellas 😉). Manage assets and activity across accounts and analyze combined data, or drill down into account-specific data. This feature is built specifically for chapter-based organizations, foundations, and international organizations with global offices.

This enhancement has been promoted from beta and is available for all paid plans. Sync more Funraise transaction data with standard or custom Raiser's Edge fields.

Additional fee data fields added to Transactions export

Additional fee fields have been added to the transactions export to improve reporting workflows. Additional fields include: Donor Covered Fees, Donor Covers Fees Eligible, Donor Covered Fee Amount, and more.

Deceased field on Supporters

Mark a Supporter as deceased. This checkbox connects to a data point that's also available in Supporter list filters and in the bulk import tool.

Coming soon to beta

Create custom email templates and send emails in bulk to a filtered list of Supporters, Transactions, Fundraisers, or Registrations.


Run fundraising auctions with Funraise! You'll be able to manage auction items, collect payment methods, take bids, and charge winning bids.

Platform dashboard

We've got a lot of exciting intelligence and reporting tools in the works, so stay tuned for much more on this topic. As a first step to increasing the accessibility of intelligence tools, we'll be introducing insightful data dashboards into various areas of the platform, enabling your team to quickly see and understand fundraising activity. The first new dashboard you'll have access to is an overall activity dashboard on your platform homepage that will show recent donation amounts, new donor counts, retention data, and much more.

Subscription data in Fundraising Intelligence

Recurring subscription data will be added to Fundraising Intelligence, enabling you to build custom reports and data dashboards with subscription data, including reporting on changes to subscriptions over time.

​Improved Apple Pay verification process

Apple Pay verification requirements have made enabling Apple Pay on various websites a bit clunky. We'll be improving the Apple Pay verification process so that it's easier to have Apple Pay activated for Campaign Sites and to submit new domains in platform.


EIN & phone number validation

To improve integration data sharing, we will soon be validating the EIN and phone number data that's entered into your organization settings. For US and Canadian organizations, the EIN and phone number fields will require a valid format the next time you save your organization settings.

Instant Payout fee increase

For Funraise Payments powered by Stripe, scheduled payouts (daily, weekly, or monthly) do not incur a payout fee. The fee for Instant Payouts has increased to 3% from the previous 2% fee. This increase has been introduced because Stripe has increased Instant Payout fees charged to Funraise. The ability to use Instant Payouts is granted by Stripe and may not be available to all organizations.

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