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2023.6 - June Release Notes
2023.6 - June Release Notes

New features and product updates

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We're kicking off Summer ☀️ with several sunny surprises including Fundraising Registration and an improved event registration report that now includes custom questions! We've also promoted several exciting features to all organizations—there's something for everyone in this month's release notes.

Available for all organizations

Enable donors to give stock through a Funraise Giving Form and track stock donations in Funraise.

Funraise's newest Giving Form provides an improved donor experience with a focus on mobile donations and enables Venmo and stock donations.

☝️ The Giving Form editor preview will be updated to display the newest form version shortly after this release.

Increase platform security by configuring high-level platform access restrictions for a particular user.

Improved Transaction refund status syncing

When transactions are refunded in Stripe or PayPal, the transaction record in Funraise will be updated with the correct status of Refunded.

Batch resyncs for Salesforce

Find and bulk resync Funraise records that have failed to sync with Salesforce.

Access campaign emails from the site editor

You can now access peer-to-peer campaign emails for a particular campaign site from the top bar of the campaign site editor.

Now in beta

Manage multiple accounts under one umbrella (or multiple umbrellas 😉). Manage assets and activity across accounts and analyze combined data or drill down into account-specific data. This feature is built specifically for chapter-based organizations, foundations, and international organizations with global offices.

A seamless signup process for event registrations with fundraising pages. Require fundraisers to register for an event before creating a fundraising page and access new reporting capabilities to report on registrations with connected supporters, fundraising pages, and custom questions.

Report on Event Registrations with Custom Questions 🎉

When exporting a list of event registrations, you'll now be able to easily access any custom questions answered on tickets with a single export report.

Coming soon to beta

Quickbooks integration improvements

We're making several highly requested enhancements to our Quickbooks integration, including syncing donors as customers, syncing online transactions, and adding more data fields to the sync, including fee data.

Your team members will soon be able to receive in-platform notifications for specific actions and events. Each team member will be able to configure the notifications they would like to receive. We'll roll out in-platform notifications first, followed by new email notifications. Events that will create notifications include: new P2P fundraiser, new donation, new donor, new registration order, new inbound SMS, failed recurring donation, failed donation, new task, and task reassignment.

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