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Stock Donations

Learn how to accept stock donations with Funraise's Giving Form

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Funraise's stock donation method enables donors to make a stock donation with a delightful giving experience, right on your website. Funraise has partnered with DonateStock to provide this giving option.

How it works

Donors can click a button on the first screen of the Giving Form to begin a stock gift. Donors will launch the DonateStock popup portal where they can enter details for their stock donation. Stock donations will sync with Funraise's platform and can be managed like other transaction types.

Stock donations are liquidated to cash immediately. DonateStock charges a 3.9% processing fee, up to a maximum of $3,000 per transaction. Learn more at Donate Stock's website.

Funraise does not charge a platform fee for stock donations.

Activate stock donations

  1. Add stock as a payment method to a Giving Form

  2. That's it! You'll see a new stock button on your live Giving Form

Good to know

  • The donation receipt for a stock donation will come from DonateStock. Funraise does not send a receipt email for stock donations.

  • It can take up to an hour for stock transactions to sync with Funraise and for a status change to sync with Funraise

  • Stock donations can be made on a peer-to-peer fundraiser's page, but the donation will not appear on the fundraiser's page until the donation has been finalized and a complete status is synced from DonateStock

  • Stock donations can not be used as a payment method for ticket purchases or as a payment method for an optional donation with ticket purchases

  • A stock donation is considered to be captured externally (from Funraise), this means the payment method will be External Capture

  • The External Id Source for a stock donation will be DonateStock

  • The stock donation amount displayed in Funraise can change based on the transaction finalization status. If the donation is Pending, the value displayed is the amount donated. If the status is Complete, the realized amount is displayed.

  • Liquidation is based on your configuration with DonateStock. If your organization elects to receive the cash proceeds, Donatestock Charitable (501c3) will liquidate the stock on receipt and send funds via ACH. If you elect to receive stock, itโ€™s up to you to sell the stock after it arrives at your brokerage account.

  • Donors Cover Fees is not available with stock donations

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