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Dashboard Notifications

Configure in-platform notifications

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Receive dashboard notifications to keep up-to-date on important fundraising activity.

Notification types

You can receive dashboard notifications for the most common activity and events. You'll be able to configure which notifications you'd like to receive. Notifications can be received for the following events:

  • New Transaction

  • New Donor

  • New SMS Message

  • New Fundraising Page

  • New Registration Order

  • Failed Transaction

  • Failed Recurring Transaction

  • New Task

  • Reassigned Task (when a Task is reassigned to you)

Good to know!

We've designed notifications to avoid duplicate notifications for the same event. For example, if you have activated notifications for both Failed Transaction and Failed Recurring Transaction, when a transaction fails, you'll receive only the most relevant notification.

Notification settings

You can configure notification settings from the notification card on your dashboard or by accessing Settings β†’ Your Profile β†’ Notifications β†’ Edit. You'll be able to toggle each notification type on or off.

Manage dashboard notifications

Dashboard notifications will appear in a table on your platform dashboard when you log into Funraise.

To mark an individual notification as read, hover over the notification and click the open envelope icon.

You can also bulk mark notifications as read by selecting several notifications and clicking the open envelope icon at the top of the table.

Marking a notification as read will move the notification to the Read tab. The Read tab will retain a limited list of your most recently read notifications.

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