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AppealAI (ChatGPT Integration)

Generate more effective appeals with Funraise's AppealAI powered by ChatGPT

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What is AppealAI?

AppealAI enables you to generate more compelling content for fundraising appeals. By simply inputting some guided prompts, AppealAI generates effective and informative fundraising appeals that are unique to your organization and campaign. AppealAI also allows you to set the tone of the message, whether it should be urgent or friendly. Not all appeals are the same, and AppealAI recognizes this.

AppealAI has the potential for many applications within the Funraise platform including crafting SMS messages, email appeals, or fundraising campaign site content. The first application for AppealAI will be generating peer-to-peer fundraiser’s appeal text based on the details of a campaign. Peer-to-Peer individual fundraising pages are a highly visible asset for nonprofit organizations, seen by many potential donors—focusing the first AppealAI tool on peer-to-peer fundraiser’s appeal text is intentional.

Under the hood, AppealAI is leveraging OpenAI and the same Large Language Model that powers ChatGPT. Like many other applications of ChatGPT, it's important to know that generative AI technology is not perfect. Generated responses may contain incorrect, inappropriate, or biased content so you should always review generated text to ensure it's accurate and reflects your organization's communication strategy.

P2P fundraiser default page appeals

The first application for AppealAI will be generating peer-to-peer fundraiser's default page appeal text. This is the text a fundraiser can include at the top of their individual fundraising page.

When creating a Campaign Site or editing your Campaign Site's Peer-to-Peer settings, you can enter a default fundraiser appeal or you can generate the message using AppealAI.

1. Open a Campaign Site editor > Access Peer-to-Peer settings > Scroll to Fundraiser appeal text > Click AppealAI

2. Complete the prompts > Click Generate

3. After clicking Generate, please allow up to 30 seconds for AppealAI to generate the text. After the text is generated, you can click to use the generated text or copy and paste it to further refine the appeal.


Prompts help AppealAI generate text that is highly customized and relevant for your organization and campaign. AppealAI will ask for the following prompts when generating fundraiser appeal text:

  • Your organization mission statement

  • What will funds provide?

  • Time to reach goal?

  • What should the tone be?


In this example, we've provided the following prompts for an organization called Critter Care which enabled Funraise's AppealAI to generate the text below.

Your organization mission statement

Providing high-quality shelter and care for homeless animals and committing to finding a home for every animal that needs one.

What will funds provide?

Shelter costs, food, and medical care.

Time to reach goal?
3 months

What should the tone be?

AppealAI generated text example

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page! I am reaching out to my family and friends with a personal appeal to help me reach my fundraising goal for Critter Care. As a passionate animal lover, I am committed to supporting this amazing organization's mission of providing high-quality shelter and care for homeless animals and finding a forever home for every animal that needs one.

Donating to Critter Care is a tangible way to make a difference in the lives of animals in need. Your donations will go directly towards shelter costs, food, and medical care for animals that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. Without this support, these animals would have no chance of finding a loving home and living the happy lives they deserve.

I am urgently asking for your support in helping me reach my goal within the next three months. Every donation counts and will make a real impact on the lives of these animals. Thank you for considering this important cause and for supporting me in my efforts to make a difference for these deserving animals.

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