Name Prefixes & Suffixes

Configure and manage Supporter salutations, name prefixes and name suffixes

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Name prefixes and suffixes, or salutations, provide greater personalization of your Supporter's preferred names, for example, Ms. Franny Fundraiser III. You can configure the prefixes and suffixes available on your Giving Forms and edit a Supporter's name details in platform.

Configure Prefixes & Suffixes

You can configure and define prefixes and suffixes based on the needs of your organization from your platform settings.

1. Click your profile icon in the top right to access Settings

2. Click Your Organization > Scroll to Name prefixes/suffixes > Click Edit

3. Configure Prefixes and Suffixes > Click Save

Activate Prefixes or Suffixes for a Giving Form

Prefixes and Suffixes can be activated on any Giving Form.

1. Open a Giving Form editor

2. In Settings > General > Contact Information > Click to activate prefixes or suffixes.

Good to Know

Edit a Supporter's name prefix or suffix

You can edit a Supporter's name prefix or suffix from their profile in platform.

Salutation merge tag

You can personalize emails and SMS messages with a Supporter's full name including their prefixes and suffixes by using the salutation merge tag. More about data merge tags.

  • *|donor:salutation|*

For individual donors, the salutation merge tag returns the donor's full name with a prefix and/or suffix if it exists. For example, "Ms. Franny Fundraiser III". For institution types other than individual, the institution name will be returned.

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