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2022.10 - October Release Notes
2022.10 - October Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we've added new data and report templates to Fundraising Intelligence and have introduced ACH payments with Stripe 🎉 which is available with Funraise Payments powered by Stripe—now in closed beta.

New this month

New data fields added to Fundraising Intelligence

Three new fields have been added to the Answers Cube.

  • Dimension - Campaign Pages: Direct Raised Amount

  • Dimension - Supporters: Supporter Email

  • Dimension - Supporters: Supporter Phone

New report templates in Fundraising Intelligence

We've added two new report templates to ease reporting on custom question answers for Registrants and Fundraisers. We've also got a few exciting new dashboard templates coming soon; stay tuned. New to Fundraising Intelligence? Watch tutorial videos

  • Events | Registrations with Answers displays each answer provided by Registrants and an overall count of each response.

  • P2P | Fundraisers with Answers displays each answer provided by Fundraisers and an overall count of each response.

(Closed Beta) Funraise Payments powered by Stripe

Funraise Payments powered by Stripe is an improved payment processing solution that enables ACH payments with Stripe 🎉 We'll be rolling out Funraise Payments in closed beta this month. Contact your Success Manager to learn more about joining this closed beta.

(Closed Beta) Donors Covers Fees V2—Dynamic Fee Slider

Donors Cover Fees V2, which provides donors more control over their transaction fee coverage with a fee slider, was released in closed beta several months ago. We're seeing excellent opt-in rates, so we're looking for more organizations to join this closed beta group. Contact your Success Manager to learn more about joining this closed beta.

Improved Beta Opt-In

We've updated the behavior of the beta program opt-in toggle. Now, when your organization opts into Funraise's beta program, you'll immediately receive access to all features in beta. And likewise, opting out of beta will remove access to all beta features.


Reminder—Fundraising Intelligence will experience a read-only maintenance window between January 24-31, 2023

This update will only impact the Fundraising Intelligence section of the platform. During this read-only maintenance window, you will not be able to create or edit reports or dashboards. Reports and dashboards that you create prior to this window will be accessible and will continue to be updated. After the maintenance is completed, you will be able to continue to create and edit your reports and dashboards as normal.

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