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Connect Funraise's Virtuous integration

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This feature is in beta

Connect Virtuous

1. Click your Profile Icon in the top-right > click Settings

2. From Settings > click Integrations > find Virtuous > click Edit (pencil icon)

3. On the popup screen > click Connect

4. Enter your Virtuous API key and click Continue. Learn how to create API Keys in Virtuous

5. When the integration is connected, click Configuration and toggle on data syncs.

6. Now you're connected!

☝️ Good to know

Once you're connected, Transaction and Supporter data will automatically sync. To sync Peer-to-Peer Campaign data, you'll also need to configure a connection for each specific Campaign Site. We cover this step below.

Test the integration

To test the Virtuous integration, we recommend creating a new offline Transaction. After saving the Transaction in Funraise, you should see the new Gift in Virtuous.

It's important to note that Virtuous will process bundled imports nightly, so you can view a pending transaction, but can not access full data until you've imported the bundled import file.

Data synced with Virtuous

Funraise can sync Transaction, Supporter, and Peer-to-Peer data with Virtuous.

Gifts in Virtuous can be seen in real-time on the Virtuous Transaction page. Although, Virtuous will process the full synced data from Funraise nightly and bundle the data into an import file. These import files will be visible on the Gift and Contact Import page in Virtuous as they are available.

Fundraiser Page data is synced in real-time and is not processed through an import.

Data mapping is managed by Funraise and can not be customized.

Transaction data

Funraise Transactions are synced with Virtuous Gifts.

☝️ Only Transactions that are Complete or Refunded status in Funraise will be synced to Virtuous






Currency Code


Gift Date

Payment Method

Gift Type

  • Funraise → Virtuous

  • Cash → Case

  • Stock → Stock

  • ACH → Check

  • Physical Check → Check

  • Credit Card → Credit

  • Bitcoin → Cryptocoin

  • In-Kind → Non-cash

  • Other → Other

  • Apple Pay → Other

  • PayPal → Other

  • Card Present → Other

  • External Capture → Other

  • Stripe Terminal → Other




Is Private

Check Number

Check Number

Card Type

Credit Card Type


Contact (See notes below on Contact Reference IDs)

Soft Credit Supporter

Passthrough Contact (See notes below on Contact Reference IDs)

First Name

First Name

Last Name

Last Name



Transaction ID

Transaction ID

Supporter data

Funraise Supporters are synced with Virtuous Contacts.



Supporter ID

Reference ID (See notes below on Contact Reference IDs)

First Name

First Name

Household Name if it exists,
Supporter Name if not.

Contact Name

Institution Category

Contact Type

  • Funraise → Virtuous

  • Individual → Household

  • Foundation → Foundation

  • (Other categories) → Organization






Address 1





Postal Code






Date of Birth

  • Birth Day

  • Birth Month

  • Birth year

Virtuous Contact Reference IDs and Funraise Supporter matching

In Virtuous, Contact doesn't refer to individuals. Rather, Contacts represent groupings of individuals. Learn more about Virtuous Contacts.

As such, a Contact's Reference ID will depend on whether or not the Funraise Supporter is in a Household.

  • If a supporter does not have a Household in Funraise, their Reference ID in Virtuous is in the format SUP-{{SupporterID}}. For example, SUP-123

  • If a supporter does have a Household in Funraise, their Reference ID in Virtuous is in the format HOU-{{Household ID}}. This is so that Virtuous' reconciliation tool can better match individuals to the same household.

  • An individual in Virtuous can have multiple Reference ID's, so if a supporter is added to a Household later, their Virtuous record will have both a SUP-ID and a HOU-ID

P2P Campaign data

To sync fundraiser data, you'll first need to connect a Funraise Campaign Site with a Virtuous Campaign and Communication channel. This enables you to connect multiple Funraise Campaigns sites to corresponding Campaigns in Virtuous.

1. In Virtuous > create a Campaign and a Campaign Communication

2. In Funraise > From a Campaign Site editor > click Settings (gear icon) > click Integrations > toggle on Virtuous

3. Click Select and select a Virtuous Campaign from the list.

4. After selecting a Campaign > select a Virtuous Campaign Communication

5. Click Save

P2P campaign data in Virtuous

After a Funraise Campaign Site is connected with a Virtuous Campaign and Communication, Fundraiser data will be synced with Virtuous. Fundraising pages created prior to connecting with Virtuous will not be synced, only pages created after connecting with Virtuous will sync.

Transactions that are assigned to a Page Goal for a Funraise Campaign Site will be synced with a Virtuous Campaign.

When a fundraising page (either an individual or team page) is created, the page data is synced as a Virtuous Segment. Funraise will create segments automatically for each fundraiser page.

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