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2021.10 - October Release Notes
2021.10 - October Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, say hello to Fundraising Commitments, a new tool to ensure revenue from your fundraising participants! Along with Commitments, we've released a few enhancements to the Campaign Site editor, the Funraise App, and a much-improved donor experience with dynamic reCAPTCHA.

What's new

Fundraising Commitments

You can now require fundraisers to raise a specific amount and then charge their payment method for any remaining amount they were not able to raise through their page. Learn more about Fundraising Commitments.

Campaign Site editor improvements

The Campaign Site editor has two new helpful design improvements.

  • Previously the progress bar section for the homepage was combined with a larger banner image. Some of you were using a workaround to hide the banner image. So, we've added an independent progress bar section that can be added anywhere on the homepage.

  • Buttons can now be aligned (left, center, right) in several sections. This is especially helpful for fine-tuning your top banner and grid layouts.

Dynamic reCAPTCHA

Funraise's Giving Form uses Google reCAPTCHA to mitigate fraud. We've improved this feature to only display the reCAPTCHA box when we detect fraud patterns. By removing the reCAPTCHA until it's needed, the donor experience is greatly improved. Learn more about Funraise's fraud mitigation features.

Stripe Terminal card reader for Funraise App

In-person payments just got a lot better! We've updated the Funraise App to integrate with the Stripe Terminal card reader. The Funraise App can now also accept payments on iOS or Android, whether you're using the PayPal Here device or the Stripe Terminal device.

Embed configuration for Placed Giving Forms with Squarespace Ajax

We've released a helpful embed code configuration to improve the loading for the placed variation of the Giving Form when embedded on a Squarespace website with Ajax activated. This configuration ensures that the placed form is rendered as expected when your Squarespace website has Ajax activated.

Coming soon!

Giving Portal App - Subscription Management

Currently, donors can manage their donations and access yearly donation summaries in Funraise's Giving Portal App. Soon, donors will be able to edit their recurring subscription details and payment methods in the Giving Portal App.

Google Fonts in the Campaign Site editor

Soon, you'll be able to use a curated list of Google Fonts with your Campaign Sites.

See what else we're working on and add your feedback to our Product Roadmap.


In an effort to deliver the world's best fundraising platform, we sometimes have to say goodbye to features that aren't up to par or have a superior alternative. If you have any questions about these feature sunsets, contact your Success Manager.

Feature sunsets coming soon

  • Legacy Sites: Legacy Campaign Sites (any site created before January 8, 2021) will be sunset Jan 2022.

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