Fundraising Commitments

Require fundraisers to raise a minimum amount and collect a payment method for fundraisers.

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Fundraising Commitments, sometimes referred to as fundraising minimums, is a common strategy for events that require participants to pay or fundraise a minimum amount. If the participant does not raise the minimum amount required by the deadline, you can charge the remaining amount.

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Example use cases

Mission trips

Mission trips or travel service opportunities can be large expenses for participants. Fundraising is an easy way for participants to cover their costs while enabling organizations to more accurately plan for trips.

Endurance Fundraising

Fundraising runs and walks can have a minimum amount that is required to participate. This amount usually covers reserving race fees, t-shirts, etc. Participants are encouraged to funraise for this amount (and more!) because it's a win-win-win.

Activate Commitments

To activate and configure Commitments for a Campaign Site, access your Campaign Site Peer-to-Peer settings.

When Commitments are activated for a Campaign Site, fundraisers are required to enter a payment method to create their page. When activated, Commitments are always required.

Fundraising Commitment Amount

This is the minimum amount you're requiring Fundraisers to raise. Donations to the fundraiser's page will count towards their commitment minimum.

Commitment Due Date

This is the date you're requiring fundraisers to have raised the minimum by. Commitment charges do not happen automatically on this date—Commitments are manually reviewed and charged.

Editing the Commitment Amount or Due Date in your Campaign Site settings will not update existing Commitments.

Manage Commitments

Commitments is located under Transactions in the platform sidemenu.

Commitments can be filtered by Status and Due Date.

Manage individual Commitments by accessing the Commitment action menu (3 dots) or clicking the underlined Commitment Amount.

Edit Commitment details

You can edit details for Commitments with an Open status. Amount, Due Date, and Payment Method can be edited.

When an edit to a Commitment is saved, the fundraiser will receive an email with the updated details. This email uses the logo from your Brand settings.

From the Commitment profile, you can also view the Transactions that count towards the Commitment. Transactions appear in this list when they are attributed to the Fundraiser's Page Goal.

Need to add an offline or existing Transaction to a Commitment?

From the Transaction profile, edit the Page Goal to match the fundraiser's page. Transactions count towards Commitments when they are attributed to the fundraiser's page.

Charge remaining amount

Remaining amount charges do not occur automatically on the due date. Commitments require a manual review and charge.

You can charge the Remaining Amount for Commitments with an Open status. Remaining Amount is the Commitment Amount minus the amount raised by the fundraiser.

When the Remaining Amount is charged, the transaction will be attributed to the fundraiser's page goal.

When the Remaining Amount is charged, the fundraiser will receive a receipt with details about the payment. This receipt email template matches your site's form receipt, although the body text is overridden for clarity about the payment. The message in the receipt will be, "Thank you [Donor Name]! This donation was charged to complete your Fundraising Commitment and will count towards your fundraising goal."

Cancel or Archive a Commitment

Canceling a Commitment will change the status to Cancelled. Archiving a Commitment will delete the record from your platform. Canceling or archiving a Commitment can not be undone.

When a Commitment is canceled or archived, an email is sent to notify the fundraiser. This email uses the logo from your Brand settings.

Fundraiser Commitment Management

Your fundraisers can view their Commitment details from their fundraiser page settings. In page settings, fundraisers can view the Commitment Amount, Remaining Amount, and Due Date.

Fundraisers can also edit the payment method attached with their Commitment.

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