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2021.8 - August Release Notes
2021.8 - August Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month, we're excited to announce a few major improvements to the PayPal donation experience for both you and your donors! Most notably, donors can now complete a PayPal donation without leaving your site. Stay tuned, we've got more fun features coming out in the next few releases.

What's new

Improved PayPal Integration

We've improved the PayPal experience for both you and your donors. To access these new updates, reconnect your PayPal account.

Improvements include

  • Donors can complete a PayPal donation on your website, without a redirection πŸŽ‰

  • Recurring donations can be made with PayPal

  • Donations made with PayPal can be refunded in Funraise

  • Tickets can be purchased with PayPal

  • PayPal transactions are settled immediately (no more 7-day pending transactions)

With the new PayPal connection, Funraise Transaction Fees will be assessed at the time of the transaction, similar to Stripe.

To activate this new PayPal experience, reconnect your PayPal account.

Saved Payment Method Autofill

When completing a donation on Funraise's form, donors can autofill saved payment method details from their browser or password manager extensions. This functionality is browser or extension-specific, but Funraise forms allow autofill, which leads to trusted and efficient donation experiences.

Coming soon!

Fundraising Commitments

Require fundraisers to raise a specific amount and then charge their payment method for any remaining amount they were not able to raise through their page.

Giving Portal App - Subscription Management

Currently, donors can manage their donations and access yearly donation summaries in Funraise's Giving Portal App. Soon, donors will be able to edit their recurring subscription details and payment methods in the Giving Portal App.

Donors Cover Fees

Funraise will be implementing a Donors Cover Fees model this year. This update will guarantee an effective Platform Transaction Fee rate of 0% for qualified transactions.


In an effort to deliver the world's best fundraising platform, we sometimes have to say goodbye to features that aren't up to par or have a superior alternative. If you have any questions about these feature sunsets, contact your Success Manager.

Feature sunsets this month

  • Giving Form V1: Legacy Forms (V1) can no longer be created.

    • If a V1 Form is updated to a V2 Form, the form can not be reverted back.

    • We're no longer supporting V1 Forms and we recommend updating. Please note: Updating your Giving Form version requires updating the embed code on your website. As always, reach out if you have any questions.

    • This applies to very few organizations, as V2 Forms have been the default for quite some time.

Feature sunsets coming soon

  • Yearly Donation Summary Email Automation: The Yearly Donation Summary Email Automation will be sunset by October 1, 2021 in favor of the donor portal app where donors can access historic donations and yearly giving summaries. In Funraise, you will still be able to send a Yearly Donation Summary PDF through email to a donor at any time.

  • Legacy Sites: Legacy Campaign Sites (any site created before January 8, 2021) will be sunset on Jan 1, 2022.

  • Operations Tip: Funraise's Operations Tip feature will be superseded by Donors Cover Fees. Donors Cover Fees functionality will be released sometime in 2021.

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