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Data Migration Overview

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Data migrations are not included in all plans.

Migration Types

There are two types of data migrations: Historic Data and Recurring Subscriptions

Historic Data Migration

This is the most common type of migration and is suggested for organizations that plan to use Funraise as their central donor management platform. Objects that can be migrated into Funraise include Supporters and Transactions.

A historic data migration is handled by you. We do not provide services for historic migrations.

Recurring Subscription Migration

In many cases, you can migrate your recurring donation subscriptions to Funraise from another platform. The process will require coordination between us, you, and your external platform. A recurring subscription migration is recommended for organizations with more than 30 active recurring subscriptions.

Our standard recurring subscription migration services allow for subscriptions from a single external source. Migrating from multiple sources may have additional costs. We can migrate recurring subscriptions in many cases, but not all β€” our ability to migrate depends on your payment processor and platform.

Good to know

While our award-winning support team is available to guide your way and answer questions, data migrations can be a challenging and time-consuming process if not well organized. The state of your data will determine your data migration experience.

Funraise does not analyze, structure, or organize your data for you - this is your data and you know it better than anyone. You are the leader of your data migration.

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