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Add Giving Forms to your website

How to embed and connect Funraise donation forms to your website

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There are many ways to add and embed a form on your site, the method you choose will depend on your website platform and your skill level.

Link to a Giving Page (Easy)

Giving Pages are customizable donation landing pages that have a direct link that can be added to buttons on your website. This is the easiest way to collect donations with Funraise. Learn more by watching the Giving Pages video tutorial.

Embed a Giving Form on your website (Moderate)

Funraise's Giving Forms can be embedded directly on your website. Working with the embed code requires basic HTML knowledge.

Custom code configurations (Advanced)

Web developers who prefer to skip to the chase can jump into our developer docs for best practices and advanced options.

To learn more about Funraise's Giving Form embed code watch our University course: Embedding Giving Forms.

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