How to update Funraise's Salesforce integration configuration: Registration ↔ Contact relationship.

Manual change required

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This change requires a team member with Salesforce permissions to delete a single field from Funraise's integration settings. If you have any questions about this update, contact our technical team at Funraise's Service Desk.


Applicable to any customers that use both Funraise's Salesforce integration and Events & ticketing feature.


Previously in Salesforce, the link between a Registration and a Contact was a Master-Detail relationship. For various reasons, we needed to change that to a Lookup field. This change has already taken place in a previous release of the managed package and all customers' previous data from the master-detail field has been moved to the lookup field.

The final step is for customers to delete the master-detail field as that is not something we are able to do. Funraise can mark the field as unused by the managed package, but each organization must manually delete the field to fully remove it. Until the field is removed, Registrations that are not connected to Supporters will fail to create in Salesforce since a master-detail field is always required.


  1. Navigate to the Object Management for the Funraise Event Registration object.

  2. Find and delete this field: funraise__Supporter__c

  3. That's it!

In Salesforce Classic:

Setup → Create → Objects → Funraise Event Registration

In Salesforce Lightning:

Service Setup → Object Manager → Funraise Event Registration → Fields and Relationships

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