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2021.2 - February Release Notes
2021.2 - February Release Notes

New features and product updates

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Hi Funraise friends! This month, we've got a few small time-saving updates, some housekeeping items, and a lot of work under the hood to keep up Funraise's exceptional user experience.

What's New

Added data to Transactions CSV export

We've added a few highly-requested data fields to the Transaction CSV export. New fields include: In-Kind Description, Dedication Type, Dedication Message.

Giving Page Preview

When editing a Giving Page, you can now click, "Preview page" to view your page's content. Improve your workflow by previewing your pages without leaving Funraise.

Onboarding/Setup improvements

We've updated the onboarding experience for new users. Most of these changes will not impact our current customers except for a new gateway alert—anytime your account does not have a valid gateway connection, we'll provide a clear warning banner in the platform so that your team can resolve the issue.


IMPORTANT: Organizations using both Funraise's Salesforce integration and Events & Ticketing feature, please complete this required manual edit.

If you are using both Funraise's Salesforce integration and Funraise's Events & Ticketing feature, you will need to make an easy change to your Salesforce configuration to ensure Registrations are always created as Contacts.

Feature Sunsetting

In an effort to deliver the world's best fundraising platform, we sometimes have to say goodbye to features or integrations that aren't up to par or that have superior alternatives. We want to let you know about a few items that have an end-of-life date set. If you have any questions about these changes, contact your Success Manager.

  • Amply integration: The Amply integration will be sunset on July 1, 2021. This integration can be replaced with Funraise's Double the Donation integration. For those of you using Amply today, your success manager can help you transition.

  • Trends: Trends will be sunset on July 1, 2021. Trends is only used by organizations without Fundraising Intelligence. We'll be removing Trends to further invest in Fundraising Intelligence as Funraise's premier reporting tool.

  • Legacy Sites: Legacy Campaign Sites (any site created before January 8, 2021) will be sunset on Jan 1, 2022. This sunset date was previously July 1, 2021, but thanks to feedback from a few organizations, we've changed the date to accommodate ongoing 2021 campaigns.

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