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Funraise's Page Templates are professionally designed fundraising and campaign page layouts that can be applied to a page on your Funraise Campaign Site. After applying a template, you can edit each section of the template and add or remove sections.

Apply a page template

1. In Funraise, open or create a Campaign Site

2. Click the page's actions icon (3 dots) > Select Apply Page Template

3. Select a template from the list

Good to know

  • Applying a page template will delete any existing content on your page and replace it with the template's content. Be careful when applying templates.

  • A page template only impacts your page's body content. A template does not impact the site's settings, theme, top navigation, footer, or Giving Form.

  • While any template can be applied to a homepage, templates with progress bars or donation feeds can not be applied to a custom page. At this time, templates are only available for homepages or custom pages.

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