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2020.10 - October Release Notes
2020.10 - October Release Notes

New features and product updates

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This month's release includes a few housekeeping items—including adding Funraise's Platform Fee to Transaction profiles and exports—and a sneak peek at what we're working on now.

What's new

Funraise's Platform Fee Reporting

You can now view the Funraise Platform Fee for each Transaction on the Transaction's profile. The Funraise Platform Fee amount is also available on the Transaction .csv export. Please note, this improvement does not impact Transactions created prior to this release.

Mobile App: Scroll through and manage Transactions

You can now scroll through and manage your Transactions in a new tab in the mobile app. With this update, you can filter Transactions in the app with list rules you've built in the desktop platform.

Feature Sunsetting

In-person Payments on iOS App

Apple has introduced policies dictating how payments must be handled on apps available in the App Store. Unfortunately, this means that the current iteration of the In-person Payments feature on the iOS App will be sunset. Our team is working on alternatives to meet Apple's policies.

In-person Payments will remain available on the Android App.

Coming soon...

Changes to how the Funraise Platform Fee is charged

Changes occur December 1, 2020

Today, your Funraise Platform Fees are calculated and billed monthly. Soon, for Transactions processed through Stripe, the Funraise Platform Fee will be deducted from Transactions in real time. The gross amount and fee will be reflected in platform.

Giving Pages

Today, Giving Forms are embedded on your website, providing an ideal donation experience. Sometimes you just need a quick direct link to send with an email or social post, though. We get it—so we're releasing Giving Pages soon. Giving Pages are donation pages with a direct link. You'll be able to quickly create donation pages with your logo, banner images, text, and color.

Campaign Site Editor V2

Today, Campaign Sites have a standard layout that's not flexible enough for teams that don't have web development resources. With Site Editor V2, we've re-designed the site editor to provide an entirely code-free building experience.

You'll be able to add smart color themes, content sections, columns, images, and videos to your page layouts with easy-to-use editing tools... no code needed. Developers, we still got your back with html blocks and header code injection.

We'll be sharing examples of both Giving Pages and Campaign Site Editor V2 in an upcoming live event—stay tuned!

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