Hi friends! This month we're releasing several tools to increase efficiency for teams working across multiple platforms.

We'll be rolling out Supporter Imports and Webhooks to everyone over the next few weeks—these features may not be immediately activated in your account.

What's new

Supporter Imports

You can now bulk add Supporters with a friendly list import tool. At this time, only Supporters can be imported, but watch this space. 😉

Learn more about Supporter Imports →

Connect to Zapier with a Webhook

You can now send Funraise Transaction data to a Zapier Webhook. Technically, this is not a direct integration with Zapier (Funraise is not listed in the Zapier app library), but the difference is minimal for many use cases.

See what you can do with Funraise + Zapier →


Developers can build custom apps or send Transaction data from Funraise to an external system with a Webhook.

Learn more about Webhooks →

Improved Transactions CSV export

You can now view UTM data on Transactions CSV exports. New columns include:

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Content

  • UTM Term

  • URM Campaign

Improved Answers CSV export

We've improved Supporter contact data on the Answers CSV export. Contact data available with Answers will depend on where the question was answered (in a Transaction, Ticket, or Fundraiser Signup). Contact data may now include:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Phone

Subscriptions API

Developers can access a new Funraise API endpoint to get a Subscription by ID.

View Subscriptions API →

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