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Connect Zapier Webhook

Send Transaction data to Zapier with a Webhook

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

Zapier is an automation tool that can receive data and then conduct tasks in 1000+ apps based on that data. For example, you might want to create a Slack donation bot that sends a message to a channel when a new Transaction is created.

Although Funraise does not have a native integration with Zapier, you can send Funraise Transaction data to Zapier each time a Transaction occurs through a Zapier Webhook. It's easyโ€”no code required.

Connect Zapier Webhook

In Zapier

1. Click Make a Zap

2. Search and select Webhooks by Zapier

3. For Event, select Catch Hook > click Continue

4. Copy the Custom Webhook URL > next we'll paste this into Funraise

In Funraise

In Funraise, you will paste the Zapier Custom Webhook URL from above.

1. Navigate to Settings (click profile icon in top right) > Webhooks

2. Click the Webhook Signing Secret actions menu (3 dots) > click Generate

3. Click Edit to configure the Webhook details

4. Paste the Zapier Custom Webhook URL into the Funraise Webhook Target URL

The Contact Email is where we'll send a failure notice. If a Webhook connection fails, we'll retry for ~24 hours, after that we'll send an email to this address.

At this point it's a good idea to click Test. When you test a Webhook Target URL, we'll ping Zapier. Back in Zapier, you'll be able to see a successful trigger has occurred.

5. Click Save. You're all set with the Funraise configuration. You can now go to Zapier to complete your automation rules!

Example Zapier Automations

Here are a few example automations you can run with Funraise and Zapier Webhooks:


  • QuickBooks | Send Transaction data to QuickBooks

  • Google Sheets | Create spreadsheet rows for new Transactions

  • Asana - Create tasks for new Transactions

  • Trello | Create cards for new Transactions

  • Google Ads | Send conversions for new Transactions


  • Slack | Send a message to a channel for new Transactions

  • Twitter | Create a Tweet for new Transactions

  • Gmail | Send an email for New Transactions

  • Microsoft Outlook | Send an email for new Transactions

  • Emma | Create new Subscribers with new Transactions

  • Campaign Monitor | Create new Subscribers with new Transactions


  • NeonCRM | Send Transaction data to NeonCRM

  • Bloomerang | Send Transaction data to Bloomerang

  • Hubspot | Send Transaction data to Hubspot

Why Zapier is extra neat

  • Although, Funraise only allows for a single Webhook (currently), you can conduct multiple tasks in multiple platforms with a single Zap.

  • In Zapier, you can filter incoming Funraise data. This means you could choose to run a Zapier task only when certain Transaction parameters are met. (For example, Status=Complete or Amount>$99 )

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