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Required Action: Update Your Stripe Connection
Required Action: Update Your Stripe Connection

Funraise's integration with Stripe has changed; you'll need to take action to continue using Stripe.

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Required Action

If you are using Stripe as a payment gateway, you must take the following actions by October 1st, 2020, to avoid any disruption with payments.

A member of your team with login access to your Stripe account will need to complete the following steps.

  1. In Funraise, navigate to Settings > Gateways.

  2. Delete your existing Stripe connection.

IMPORTANT: If you organization has Advanced Gateway Configuration, the order of your gateways has an effect on how donations will be processed. Learn more about gateway ordering.

Why the change?

With this update, Stripe will be connected through a secure and simple OAuth flow. We made this change because Stripe is one of the most popular gateways used with Funraise, and a more user-friendly integration will benefit many organizations.


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