Canadian donation receipts require a some extra details. With the standard Funraise donation receipt fields and a few edits to the body of the donation receipt email, Canadian organizations can provide donors with email receipts that contain the information required for compliance.

Helpful examples from the Government of Canada

Standard receipt data

Most of the information required for Canadian donation receipting is included with standard fields on the donation receipt.

  • Transaction total

  • Tax Deductible Amount

  • Donation Date

  • Organization Tax Id

  • Organization Name

  • Organization Address

  • Answers to any custom questions

Additional receipt data

Canadian organizations can add the following data to the body of a donation receipt email with merge tags or static content.

Donated by

  • *|donor:name|*


  • *|donor:address|*

  • *|donor:city|*

  • *|donor:state|*

  • *|donor:postal_code|*

  • *|donor:country|*

Authorized Signature

  • Add an image of the signature in the body of your email

Name and website of the Canada Revenue Agency

  • Add this as text and a link in the body of your email

Receipt Number

  • *|donation:name|* This merge tag displays the sequential donation Id

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