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Connect a synced Facebook Fundraiser page
Connect a synced Facebook Fundraiser page

How to connect a Facebook Fundraiser with a Funraise P2P page

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Features in this article may not be included in every Funraise plan.

This article describes the steps your fundraisers will take to sync a Facebook Fundraiser with their Funraise P2P page. Learn more about the Funraise Facebook integration.

Sync a Funraise P2P page with a Facebook Fundraiser

There are two ways a fundraiser can connect to Facebook: During signup or from settings after signup.

Connect Synced Facebook Fundraiser during signup
When creating a new fundraising page on your campaign site, fundraisers can click a button to create a synced Facebook Fundraiser. This Facebook activation dialogue box is the final step in the page creation process.

After clicking to create a Facebook Fundraiser, a popup window will appear requiring the fundraiser to authenticate the connection with their facebook profile.

Configure Facebook Fundraiser sync from settings
After signing up, a fundraiser can manage their Facebook Fundraiser sync from their personal settings page. A fundraiser can either connect or disconnect the Facebook Fundraiser sync from settings, shown below.

A Funraise fundraiser's page can only be connected to one Facebook Fundraiser page at a time.

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