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Two Step Verification

Add two step verification for an extra layer of user security

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Two Step Verification enables your team to increase data security by adding an additional layer of authentication.

Two Step Verification requires a secondary mobile device (your phone) with an authenticator app. You will need this secondary mobile device with you whenever you login to Funraise. If you do not already use an authentication app on your device, we suggest Google Authenticator iOS or Android

Enable Two Step Verification

1. Click your user profile > click Settings

2. You'll land on Your Profile > find 2-Step Verification > click Edit

3. With your authenticator app > scan the QR code

4. After scanning and connecting your app > enter the 6-digit verification code to activate 2-Step Verification.

After successfully enabling Two Step Verification, the status will appear as Enabled.

Disable 2-Step Verification

1. From the same page (Your Profile) > find 2-Step Verification > click Edit

2. Enter the 6-digit verification code to disable 2-Step Verification

Locked out of Two Step Verification?

If you lose your Two Step Verification device or are locked out of your account, please send an email to your Customer Success Manager. We will verify your identity and help you regain access.

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